31 juil. 2019

Dolphin Charger entre sur le marché suédois

ANNECY (France), TRANAS (Suède), 31 juillet 2019 – (article en anglais) Dolphin Charger is proud to announce that it has further extended its worldwide B2B distribution network to Sweden. “We are very excited to welcome our new partner, Batteripoolen, into our Dealership and B2B Distributorship Network”, says Nicolas Fata, Head of OEM and Export Sales.

In Sweden, Dolphin Charger intends in particular to push sales of two types of boat battery chargers: its BOOSTER Series and the upcoming PROLITE Series, especially designed for outboard engine boats. The Brand will also push forward its ACS smart, 100% waterproof (IP67) voltage-relays.

“Batteripoolen is proud to add Dolphin Charger’s power products to its own extended product range for the Swedish and broader Scandinavian markets”, says Michael Krafth, Product-/ marketing manager. “We have identified a great need for these robust marine leisure products”, he adds.

Nautical show in Gustavsberg ahead!

The Dolphin/Batteripoolen partnership will officially start during Sweden’s largest in-water Boat Show, the next ALLT PA SJON (“All at Sea”) nautical show which will be held from 30 August to 1st
September in Gustavsberg.

Batteripoolen will offer a broad range of Dolphin Charger products including the 12/24V DC-DC BOOSTER, the COMBI 12V/1600W, waterproof Automatic Charge Selectors (ACS 12V/50A and ACS 12V/80A), the innovative, remote touch-screen control panel TOUCHVIEW as well as battery monitor BATVIEW. At the end of 2019, Batteripoolen will also offer the upcoming PROLITE (IP65 and ISO8846) marine battery chargers (12V/15A and 12V/25A) for central console boats, sport fishing boats and other pleasure craft.

With its 1.000-client customer base, Batteripoolen is a division of OEM International, a group of 36 companies totalling over 870 employees and 25.000 customers in 14 countries. An ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified company, Batteripoolen specializes in starter batteries, chargers and converters.

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Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/batteripoolenborlange
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Michael Krafth, Product-/ marketing manager
Tel (Sweden): +46 (0)75-242 43 00
Direktnr +46 (0)75-242 41 78
Fax: 075 - 242 43 19
Address: Förrådsvägen 2 , 573 43 Tranås (Sweden)

Dolphin Charger
Nicolas Fata, OEM & EXPORT Sales Manager
144 Rte des Vernes, 74000 Annecy (France)
Tel (France): + 33 (0) 609 976 376

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